›Re-Discovery‹, conceived and designed by five international guest curators, is a series of exhibitions and lectures held in Autocenter from 2014 until 2015 in which the works of artists of an older generation enter into dialogue with younger artists. The earlier positions focused on – David Hammons, Ivan Kožarić, Sture Johannesson, Peter Rose and Marianne Wex – are those of artists who are, in Germany, unknown, little known, or known only as uncharted territory in contemporary art history. They are artists whose works have fallen into neglect on account of the economic, social or political mechanisms of the art world or have gone undetected, slipping under the mainstream radar. The philosophy of ›Re-Discovery‹ is not restricted to the mere exhibiting of these positions in the manner of a well-deserved re-encounter. The objective is to create a chamber of resonance in which older works come up against contemporary creations, corresponding with them or producing tensions through which new ways of seeing or new contexts can emerge. Our concern is to reclaim works of art for present attention and to turn the spotlight onto the conditions under which they were produced and onto the discourses involved in their creation.


Inke ArnsHMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund
Janneke de VriesGAK – Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen
Francesca GavinFree-lance curator and art critic, London
Martin GermannS.M.A.K. Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent
Ulrich LoockFreelance curator, university lecturer and art critic, Berlin


Shannon Bool b. 1972 (D/CA), Laura Buckley b. 1977 (UK), Erik Bünger b. 1976 (SE), Carla Filipe b. 1973 (PT), David Hammons b. 1943 (US), Matt Keegan b. 1976 (US), Ivan Kožarić b. 1921 (HR), Sture Johannesson b. 1935 (SE), Jeremy Shaw b. 1977 (D/CA), Peter Rose b. 1948 (US), Marianne Wex b. 1937 (D), Katarina Zdjelar b. 1979 (RS). Nina Hoffmann b. 1980 (D), Julika Rudelius b. 1968 (D), Gerry Bibby b. 1977 (AU), et al.